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Condensing Units


The SIERRA01-0716Y3XA condensing unit is designed as a single or variable speed unit with integrated controller mounting. All that is required is a power source and a relay signal voltage. The unit has all powder coated sheet metal and locking fasteners for a rugged construction.

Typical applications for this model include:

  • Marine Air-Conditioning
  • Solar powered spot cooling
  • Military chillers and electronics cooling

Unit Information:

  • Drawing: SU1960-02 CAD FILE
  • Copper Stub Tube Fittings
  • 1/2" ID Suction
  • 1/4" ID Liquid
  • 36.6 lbs / 16.6 kg

Standard Bill of Material:

High Temp.

Operating Range:
Evap: -10°F to 45°F / -23.3°C to 7.2°C
Amb: 90°F to 110°F / 32.3°C to 43.3°C

Downloadable Information
Product Data Sheet
Installation Wiring Schematic
Product Drawing
Installation Manual