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January, 2018

  • Masterflux launches new Mini and Micro Rotary Compressors
  • Masterflux is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of ATLAS and MESA Mini and Micro Rotary compressors. The rugged yet compact and lightweight design makes them ideally suited for mobile and transport cooling applications.
  • By combining advanced motor technology with high efficiency compression technology, Masterflux delivers mini and micro rotary compressors with an efficiency up to 9.7 EER (2.85 COP).
  • ATLAS mini-rotary and MESA micro-rotary compressors are optimized for use with refrigerant R134a and handles capacities from 1,800 – 6,000 Btu/h (527 – 1,756 W) and 220 – 1,900 Btu/h (64-556 W) respectively.
  • ATLAS compressor models are designed to run on a 24 VDC power supply and MESA compressor models are available for 24 VDC, 48 VDC and 220 VAC power supplies.
  • Masterflux’s new line of mini and micro rotary compressors are the perfect choice for small DC-powered refrigerators used on Recreational Vehicles, Buses, Trains, Trucks and Boats, as well as medical and telecommunications cooling applications. Atlas models can also be applied to home use applications such as water coolers, wine coolers and wine dispensers where AC power is required.

May, 2015

  • Masterflux has made the decision to discontinue production of our ALPINE rotary compressor series, harness and controller, typically used in mobile and transport applications (R134a, capacity of 34,000 Btu/h).
  • Masterflux will offer customers an opportunity to place last time buy orders between now and Monday, July 20, 2015 for shipment no later than Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

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January, 2013

  • 2013 AHR Tecumseh Product Overview PDF icon
  • 2013 AHR Masterflux New Product Releases PDF icon



January, 2015

  • Exclusive interview with Anthony Carstensen, Director of Product Marketing, North America, Tecumseh, at the AHR EXPO 2015.

Anthony Carstensen, Director of Product Marketing, North America, Tecumseh, at the AHR EXPO 2015


October, 2014

  • The new R290 Masterflux Compressor: Masterflux has released a new line of SIERRA R290 compressors available in 12, 24, and 48V.


January, 2014

  • Tecumseh Introduces New Masterflux Compressor and Chiller Solutions
  • The new Masterflux Eclipse direct-currentcompressor is a 48-volt variable speed model rated at 5,600 BTU with refrigerant R134a. It is the first DC powered reciprocating compressor on the market in this size range and is specifically designed for the telecommunications industry’s cellular tower electronics and battery cooling applications.

  • The new Masterflux Sierra Chiller Unit is a complete 12V direct-current chiller rated at 5,000 BTU with R134a refrigerant for process cooling in both stationary and mobile applications. It features a completely integrated system and simple control scheme designed specifically for rugged environments. The new chiller unit can be powered from a universal power supply.

The new Masterflux Sierra Chiller unit

  • Masterflux variable speed, direct-current compressors and condensing units are designed to meet a wide spectrum of cooling applications. These include heavy-duty trucking, automotive, medical and scientific, mass transit, solar and off-grid power, military and electronics. High power, compact design and high efficiency are the hallmarks of the entire Masterflux product line.

March, 2013

  • Masterflux®Sierra Compressor Helps Keep India’s Newest Electric Vehicle Cool
  • Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. launched its long-awaited Mahindra e2O this week in New Delhi, India and Tecumseh’s Masterflux® Sierra compressors were along for the ride.
  • The new hatchback that seats four passengers has a plastic composite body and is powered by 48-volt lithium ion batteries. The compressors supplied by Tecumseh Products Company help the vehicle stay cool at 15,000 Btu/h along its 62-mile (100 kilometer) full charge travel range.
  • “Tecumseh is pleased to supply its Masterflux product and engineering expertise to the Reva e2O vehicle,” said Tony Carstensen, Masterflux business unit director at Tecumseh. “This project not only supports one of our customers, but also our corporate effort to deliver more eco-friendly cooling technologies throughout the globe.”



January, 2012

  • Variable Speed Compressor, Controller Combo Debuts
  • New to the Masterflux® line is a variable speed compressor and system controller for solar-powered air conditioning. Combined with Sierra, a high-efficiency BLDC rotary line with a capacity range of 400-15,000 Btu/h, the controller features integrated evaporator and condenser control.

August, 2011

  • Tecumseh Releases Innovative DC Solutions in India
  • Tecumseh Products Company is pleased to announce the release into India a new line of direct-current (DC) Masterflux® compressors, designed specifically for battery cooling applications within the region’s growing telecommunications market.
  • The new product, which will be the first of its kind manufactured in India, features a highly-efficient Tecumseh “THK” reciprocating compressor specially fitted with a brushless (BLDC) motor and an additional controller for converting DC power to three-phase power. The product will have both fixed speed and variable speed capability. “These new specialized compressors are affirmation of Tecumseh’s commitment to provide high quality, efficient products to its customers in India and the surrounding region,” said Mr. Jim Connor, Tecumseh Products Company president and CEO. Connor, who was in India for the announcement, added: “I commend our product development and manufacturing teams in India and North America for their teamwork on this project.” The advent of 3G technology into India’s expanding telecommunications industry creates a critical need for robust cooling requirements to help extend battery life within remote shelter installations. These Masterflux compressors manufactured by Tecumseh India are well-suited for the T3 ambient temperature range of up to 55ºC often times seen in India and the Middle East. The first product introduced will be 48V and provide 500W of cooling capacity. Additional models are being developed for both 12V and 24V applications to address additional market segments. “This is just the beginning of our initiative to launch innovative and value-added products in the Indian market,” said Mr. R. Ravi, managing director of Tecumseh Products India. “Our goal is to soon have an expanded offering of high efficiency DC solutions for many Telecom, Solar and Mobile applications.”


June, 2009

  • Masterflux to sponser the Cornell 100+ MPG Team competing in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize Competition.
  • The Cornell 100+ MPG Team is an engineering project group whose goal is to compete in and win the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize Competition. They are also striving to help develop a new form of automobile that will reduce global non-renewable power consumption and harmful emissions.

January, 2009

  • Masterflux along with Bergstrom's NITE System were awarded an honorable mention in the prestigious 2009 AHR EXPO Innovation Awards in the category of Cooling. (

    The AHR Expo Innovation Awards are given each year to recognize the most innovative and useful products showcased at the AHR Expo in nine separate categories: Building Automation, Cooling, Green Building, Heating, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Refrigeration, Software, Tools, and Ventilation. Products are judged on the basis on their design, creativity, energy efficiency, and value to the HVAC&R Industry.

    Award Winning products and products worthy of Honorable Mention are determined by a panel of judges, appointed by the ASHRAE Journal for their knowledge and expertise in the HVAC&R Industry.
  • The NITE system was developed to maintain a comfortable temperature within the sleeper of an over-the-road vehicle while the truck's engine is not running. For each hour, the NITE System is in use, it saves 1 to 1.5 gallons of fuel with zero emissions. It is efficient enough to run the full night on a battery package.



April, 2008

CRS0000510...............12 VDC A/C Only "Split System"


CRS0000482...............12 VDC A/C Only


CRS0000480...............36 / 48 VDC A/C Only


CRS0000485...............36 / 48 VDC A/C & Heat Pump


The decision to withdraw the Masterflux Golf Cart A/C and A/C Heat Pump Systems is driven by the decision to focus on compressor sales.