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About Us

about us

How was Masterflux born?

Masterflux, a Tecumseh brand, designs and manufactures a wide range of direct DC, variable capacity compressors and systems for a variety of emerging applications. Compact and lightweight, highly efficient and reliable, our Masterflux compressors are developed for mobile applications and high COP. Masterflux also develops cooling and refrigeration systems such as BTMS (battery thermal management system), and HVAC for EV/ICE vehicle applications.

Why was Masterflux born?

Masterflux was born of the need to satisfy a growing demand for powerful, highly specialized thermal management systems. Our compressors are unlike any other on the market today offering compact power, precision control and flexibility never previously available. When your cooling requirement extends beyond the ordinary - look to Masterflux The Masterflux line of compressors started with our small compact SIERRA line of compressors for medium size refrigeration tasks.  In 2005 we expanded this line to include the Cascade line of compressors targeted at Refrigerator Freezer applications. Masterflux will continue to provide the latest in variable speed cooling to meet the need of the refrigeration industry.