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From battery thermal management to cabin climate control, it is essential to select reliable and highly efficient temperature control solutions to maximize driving range and keep batteries safe. Masterflux's DC-powered cooling solutions have been used by electrified vehicle applications for over two decades and will continue to lead the innovation.

For fresh or frozen applications, Masterflux offers a variety of efficient, reliable, compact electric refrigeration systems, including condensing units for food trucks, micro-systems for mobile containers, and complete refrigeration systems for TRU and other last-mile transports. Masterflux compressors offer electric DC-power input and are reliable for precise temperature control in refrigerated transport.

For living remotely or having emergency energy backup systems, off-grid energy management requires efficient thermal management to maximize reliability of batteries. Masterflux offers solutions for DC systems running on solar, battery, or other off-grid power sources.

Electric vehicle (EV) applications are emerging in the market, but it has been part of Masterflux's essence since the beginning. All efforts are concentrated on delivering the most efficient vehicle with the best in quality, and that is where Masterflux is ready to help. From the chassis to the cabin heating and cooling, Masterflux products and systems are present. The cooling/refrigeration part on an EV now becomes more important when compared to a fuel engine vehicle. The addition of larger battery packs creates more heating that needs to be removed or so get the packs heated when facing low ambient temperature conditions. This temperature management helps to increase the battery life, consequently reducing EVs maintenance and keeping its environmental benefits.

Masterflux’s line of compressors is suited for battery-powered no-idle applications. The market-leading SIERRA has been the leader in the industry since the early 2000s.

From electronic cooling to dehumidifiers for environmental control, Masterflux is at the forefront of development for new DC-powered cooling concepts for industrial applications.

Medical and pharma applications require precise and reliable cooling solutions to preserve highly precious materials.

Demand for heat pump applications is exponentially growing due to its energy efficiency. Masterflux's DC-powered heat pump applications provide a full line of compressors ranging from BTMS heat pumps for EVs to commercial heat pump compressors for climate control.