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Alpine Spotlights at Solutrans

Masterflux, the Tecumseh brand dedicated to DC-powered, variable-speed mobile refrigeration and cooling applications, presents at the SOLUTRANS expo, which is c...

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Masterflux introduces Next Gen of Mesa Micro-Rotary DC Compressor for Portable Cooling Applications

Masterflux, a Tecumseh brand known for the design and manufacture of variable-capacity direct DC cooling solutions, introduces the next generation of Mesa: a high-efficiency, micro-rotary DC compressor for portable cooling, chillers and refrigeration applications.

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Masterflux by Tecumseh Expands Its BTMS Line to 850V for Electrified Vehicles

Highly efficient active-cooling systems with Variable-Speed DC compressors ensure precise temperature control to optimize battery life of electronic vehicles (EV).

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Masterflux exhibits 850V DC Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Compressor at EV expo

Masterflux has elevated their range of products with the introduction of Alpine: a sturdy and remarkably efficient DC compressor designed for cooling and heat pump application of electrified vehicles.