Masterflux by Tecumseh Expands Its BTMS Line to 850V for Electrified Vehicles


Masterflux by Tecumseh continues its legacy of innovation by unveiling a line of Battery Thermal Management Systems (BTMS). Building on years of proven technology and experience in these applications, Masterflux is excited to introduce an extended eBTMS solutions with 850V DC capabilities. With a history dating back to 2007, Masterflux has solidified its position as an industry pioneer, delivering direct DC-powered compressors and systems that have redefined mobile refrigeration and cooling applications within the commercial vehicle sector. This highly efficient active-temperature control solution is purposefully designed to revolutionize battery life optimization for electric vehicle (EV) applications.

Masterflux's eBTMS solutions offer a diverse range of capabilities across four platform options, catering to a spectrum of requirements. These platforms encompass a capacity range spanning from 150 watts (512 BTU/h) to 9,000 watts (31,000 BTU/h), liquid-cooled or air-cooled setups, offering versatile solutions to demanding battery-cooling application requirements.

Robert Terry, Masterflux General Manager said, "Maintaining the optimal operating temperature is paramount in preventing overheating of batteries and mission-critical electric components and ensuring safe operations of electrified vehicles. As such, Masterflux by Tecumseh is committed to delivering an electronic BTMS solution that embodies security and reliability for our customers and industry partners." In an era where Battery Thermal Management Systems have emerged as an indispensable element in maintaining the longevity and safety of electric vehicle batteries, Masterflux is poised to lead the charge.

At the Battery Show 2023 in Novi, MI, Masterflux will exhibit its expanded product portfolio, including its 850VDC electric compressor for EV cooling and no-idle applications, its new 850V eBTMS and a complete eMRU (Electric Mobile Refrigeration Unit paired with a slim line evaporator coils) intended for transport refrigeration applications.

Masterflux's continuous drive for innovation remains evident within the transport cooling and refrigeration industry. The introduction of the eBTMS signifies the brand's unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries, crafting products aligned with global sustainability objectives and providing dependable solutions that cater to the evolving demands of the market.

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