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DC Compressors & Condensing Unit Product Types

Masterflux compressors are unlike any other on the market today, offering direct DC, variable-capacity, compact, highly efficient, and rugged solutions. When your cooling and refrigeration requirement extends beyond the ordinary, look to Masterflux. Masterflux compressors, utilize Brushless DC ( BLDC ) motor technology. DC compressors operate in conditions where battery, wind or solar power are available as direct current electrical sources, and minimize loss of electricy.

Each Masterflux compressor requires a Masterflux sensorless BLDC motor controller to operate. For each model of compressor, there may be several versions of the controller to choose from. These controllers are specifically tested and optimized for each compressor and ensure optimal performance.


  • Compressor initiation and operation
  • Variable speed control
  • Locked-rotor protection
  • Limits power and current draw
  • Thermal protection and shutdown of compressor and controller
  • Provides diagnostic information
  • Low-voltage and high-voltage shutdown


  • Compressor harnesses
  • Manual control devices
  • Serial and USB diagnostic devices

Masterflux provides fully integrated mobile cooling and refrigeration systems to meet your special requirements.

No matter what your needs are, stationary or mobile, high cooling capacity or small refrigeration unit, turn to Masterflux to solve your DC-powered cooling challenges.

In addition to off-the-shelf BTMS, chillers, refrigeration or chiller systems, Masterflux is capable of providing custom unit solutions for a wide variety of applications.

While DC compressor is the core of variable-capacity cooling systems, a system controller is equally critical to operate highly efficient systems. Masterflux system controllers are designed to address all the features desired for mobile applications. Masterflux controllers offer DC power input, a serial port for communication, CAN BUS for controlling and diagnostics, etc. For your specific applications requirement, our controllers can be customized.

Mounting Hardware, compressor cables and diagnostic cables.