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Masterflux exhibits 850V DC Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Compressor at EV expo


Masterflux by Tecumseh, a global leader of DC-powered mobile cooling & refrigeration solutions, has taken great pride in introducing innovative products for mobile transport cooling and refrigeration for over two decades. One of the recent and groundbreaking innovation was Alpine compressor, released in June 2022 as the world's first 850V DC compressor for EV air-conditioning and heat pump. With unmatched efficiency within its market category, the Alpine compressor platform stands as the best-in-class compact and dependable Direct Current (DC) cooling and heat pump solution, serving on-road and off-highway commercial EV and ICE idle-mitigation applications.

Highlighting its capabilities, the Alpine Compressor excels by offering a cooling capacity of up to 10KWs (34,000 BTU). It boasts versatility through a wide spectrum of DC voltage options, ranging from 48V, 400V, 650V, all the way up to 850V. This compressor is engineered to accommodate various refrigerants, including R-134a, R-1234yf, and R-513A. Moreover, Masterflux is actively pursuing further developments, aiming to incorporate the use of R-290 (propane) as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability and a more eco-conscious future.

The new and improved Alpine is also compliant to operate with CAN-bus systems. CAN bus is a vital communication protocol in vehicles and industrial systems, which enables effective coordination and control of the compressor's operation within the larger system. The integrated IP-67 controller packaging and mounting options make Alpine an ideal compressor for demanding electrified thermal management applications.

Masterflux also presents robust systems such as Electric Battery Thermal Management Systems (eBTMS) that utilize Alpine with configurations fitted for air-cooled and liquid-cooled options. These configurations are finely optimized for heat pumps and powertrain component cooling, catering to both on and off-road electric vehicles. Masterflux's systems harmonize innovations such as cutting-edge advancements in intelligent control, energy management, heat transfer, and coolant flow management. This integration ensures precise temperature regulation, reduced noise and vibration. With the Alpine compressor's voltage capabilities, these eBTMS solutions now effectively handle up to 850V, taking battery cooling solutions to a different level.