Alpine Spotlights at Solutrans


Masterflux, the Tecumseh brand dedicated to DC-powered, variable-speed mobile refrigeration and cooling applications, presents at the SOLUTRANS expo, which is currently going on from November 21 to 25 at Eurexpo (Chassieu) near Lyon, France, to present its ALPINE compressor.

The ALPINE compressor is designed to meet the needs of the vehicle electrification and is geared to the battery thermal management required for optimal operation of the EV applications.

Masterflux goes for higher power ratings; the Alpine is able to reach 850V and thus keep up with the performance of these high-voltage batteries (up to 1000V). It provides a high cooling capacity of around 10 kW. Alpine compressor provides one of the highest efficiency in the market. Two models are developed to meet our

customers' needs as closely as possible: The HBP model on display and a forthcoming LBP model.

ALPINE CAPACITIES (applications, power and coolants)

  • Vehicle air conditioning
  • Battery cooling
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • Heat pumps
  • Electronic systems
  • Mobile containers
  • High-capacity horizontal design with low profile
  • High-efficiency motors with variable speed control
  • Enables hot defrost and heat pump operation
  • Wide voltage range: 400V, 650V and 850V
  • Refrigerants R-513A, R-1234yf, R-134a, R-290 under development