Alpine brings the best capacity and efficiency to the market, delivering a reliable and compact DC cooling and heat pump solution for e-mobility, transport refrigeration and last-mile delivery. The applications include HVAC, heat pump, battery thermal management, and power train component cooling, both for on and off-road electric vehicles. Designed to be the best in class with a brushless DC motor and a wide voltage range up to 850 VDC, offering a light-weight solution with CANBUS communication, IP67 rating and a variety of low-GWP refrigerants.


  • Designed for EV and transport applications
  • Light-weight solution, IP67 rating and integrated controller
  • CANBUS communication


Refrigerant: Low Temp – R452A, R290 High Temp – R134a, R513A, R1234yf

Application: Low, Med, High Temp/ Heat pump

Cooling Capacity: Up to 31k BTU in High Temp Up to 9k Watts

Voltage Range: 400 VDC, 650 VDC and 850 VDC