No matter the requirement, the Sierra family of compressors is the solution. Pound for pound, Sierra has the widest operating range and the most capacity of any compressor on the market, so it is no surprise you can find it in hundreds of applications. Sierra is well suited for transport applications such as electric vehicles, trains, buses and aircrafts but is also used in the military, battery cooling and telecommunications industries. By integrating diagnostics into the variable speed drive, the Sierra family of compressors has set the standard for reliability.


  • High-efficiency, high-capacity, BLDC compressor line
  • Robust rotary design ideally suited for mobile and transport applications
  • Dual compressor configurations for increased capacity range


Refrigerant: R134a, R404A, R-290, R1234yf, R513A

Application: Low, Med, High Temp

Cooling Capacity: Up to 16k BTU/5270 W in High Temp

Voltage Range: 12V - 720VDC